American Nomad
Larry Dale Gordon

Water Slide - St. Louis, Missouri

I have been known to race to airports and race from airports and generally race all over the world trying to beat the clock to catch a sunrise or sunset. In this instance I don’t remember being in too much of a hurry from the St. Louis airport and honestly I can’t even remember where I was going! Sorry. But I do remember spotting this water slide out of the corner of my eye as we headed….somwhere? I asked my assistant, who was driving to pull in so I could get a better look. From a distance it was interesting, but when I walked closer, this graphic loomed before me. It was a must do shot. LDG graphics were written all over it! I spent about 6 minutes and a third of a roll of film on the slide. It was so quick I must have been on my way somewhere. The situation was one of many lessons in a long series of lessons that said never to use the term, "I’ll get it on the way back." You almost never do, so do it the first time and I don’t think you will ever regret it. Obviously I never got back to this spot, even though I’m sure I intended to. As we were driving on, I do remember thinking that I could develop a series of pictures on this slide, even going down the slide with a Nikonos with the kid in front of me, or some such scheme. Dreams never fulfilled; my life is overflowing with these kinds of dreams. Get it on the way!

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