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Larry Dale Gordon

PORTO ERCOLE – Travel & Leisure Magazine, Italy

The Il Pellicano, in this photograph, is one of the premier small hotels in Italy, perched romantically above the sea on the unsung "almost island" of The Argentario, about 85 miles North of Rome. The main town is the fishing port of Porto Ercole, which exudes that unmatched European antiquity, which has been burnished to a high sheen by its occupants since the 7th century. To be given the assignment, which also included Capri, was a gift and I offered to pay T&L instead of the other way around. Fortunately, they insisted, but did have apoplexy over my expenses! We cosseted ourselves at the hotel for about five days, perhaps a day or so longer that we really needed. Is that possible? The food was, as in all of Italy, exceptional. Not only at the Il Pellicano, but in local restaurants all over the "island". Only Capri could follow the first act of The Argentario!

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