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MYKONOS – Travel & Leisure, Greece

It seems that a great deal of the editorial work I’m showing you on this site is from Travel & Leisure. I reiterate my thanks to Adrian Taylor and Pamela Fiori for sending me to some of the worlds great destinations. Mykonos definitely falls into that category. The Greek Islands in general and this island in particular. The cover selection surprised me as it denotes religion, but in this case the chapel was so graphic, colorful (my kind of thing) and charming that I took the shot and they used it. It was one of their most popular covers and a good deal of mail came in praising both the shot and the cover. There were certainly other pictures that I liked out of the take and would have liked to see on the cover, but I have long since stopped trying to outguess an art director or editor on his or her choice of pictures. It is one of the great mysteries of life that photographers will never understand, let alone solve.

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