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Foro Romano - Rome, Italy - 1962
9. Foro Romano - Rome, Italy - 1962
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The Roman Forum, one of the many remnants of the Roman Empire and part of what made living in Rome for over a year such an extraordinary experience. It is a walking city, like Paris, like London, wherein around every corner lies a slice of history. I loved the city, the people (especially the women), the food and wine, and in those days you could live on five dollars a day. After a bit of good fortune, I didn't have to do that. The woman I was living with at the time was working on the film Cleopatra as Elizabeth Taylor's double-not stand in but double-in scenes the great star felt uncomfortable doing. I took this picture on a borrowed larger format camera-a Hasselblad, I think-and it is one of the only pictures I did in those days on other than 35mm cameras I owned. I felt the rain made the forum look even more antique-the wet cobbles, the clerics, the blurred carů
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